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The course curriculum of this Institute has been shaped on the recommendation of the CBSE syllabus, West Bengal.

Providing depth of knowledge, Moot English Speaking, Debate, Trials, Education at culture aid camps, Seminars, and time to time visits of the learned experts from the educated man and to get practical idea on English Speaking proceedings will be organized by the institute exclusively. Besides, the institute is also making best possible efforts to promote interdisciplinary approach among at the students and also intending to make integration between English, Hindi, Social Sciences and Humanities.

Organized educational tours, social & cultural programmes, visits to places for general knowledge to different destinations are usually conducted by the institute.

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Highly qualified and experienced teachers, Ex-teachers of reputed school, colleges, Senior member of the Bar Association and the Senior members of the Bench and various other legal technical and profession at luminaries will offer their services to us for academic purposes. Interactive mode of teaching adopted here and a skill of reading, research analysis and writing area be developed through project assignment. The process of conducting seminar on emerging trends, remedial classes, group and individual tutorials, discussions are other modes of offering scientific methodology of teaching will be provided.

It is pertinent to mention that our classes start from 9:00 A.M. and continues up to 2:00 P.M. Thereafter, remedial teaching is provided to the students. Individual and group tutorial facilities are available to students which, if required, may continue up to 6:00P.M. To bring out hidden talents of the students and to train them in regard to court proceedings and other aspect’s of education for enriching the practical knowledge, the school will accordingly conduct moot institute.

The school is an institution for the advancement of English Medium education affiliated to the CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION and is run by the trustees of AJ MODEL ENGLISH MEDIUM INSTITUTE.


Institute room inside the compound (for practical training).

Historical place visits will be organised by the institute.

Six month seminaries will be arranged by the institute as when applicable.

Teaching available after regular of class hrs. upto 4:00 p.m. (if required).

12 hrs. Net service.

Separate hostels for boys & girls.

Canteen/Cafeteria facilities at the institute very soon.

Modern AC computer Lab.

Indoor and outdoor recreation facilities in future.

Language Laboratory for spoken English.

Assistance in Educational Loans are provided.


I-card is used to bonafied students who will take admission for a full time course.

Concessional facilities are provided to the students as per rules.

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