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About Us


About Curriculum

The course curriculum of this school has been shaped on the recommendation of the CBSE syllabus, West Bengal.

Moot English Speaking, Debate, Trials, Education culture aid camps, Seminaries, and time to time visits of the learned experts from the educated man and to get practical idea on English Speaking proceedings will be organised by the institute exclusively. Besides, the institute is also making best possible efforts to promote interdisciplinary approach among the students and also intending to make integration between English, Hindi, Social Sciences and Humanities.

Organised educational tours, social & cultural programmes, visits to places for general knowledge to different destinations are usually conducted by the Institute.


To develop the institute into a centre of excellence and a world class learning centre for legal education To strive for continuous improvement and provide value-based quality education in law. To create and develop professionals, entrepreneurs and business leaders wit global outlook and human values who could strive to improve the quality of human life.
To train and motivate the aspiring students in the law abiding system and encourage them particularly on the general Technical /Health programme to the men & women who are down trodden in this is 22nd century.
To facilitate the students acquire emotional stability and strength to respond creatively to the challenges of a world full relentless competition.
To educate and promote General, Technical S legal considering the upliftment of the rule of law in general.
To guide and groom the students so that they move forward with confidence to face the stiff challenge to the present employment scenario.

About teachers & teaching process

Highly qualified and experienced teachers, Ex-District Ex-Teachers of reputed school colleges, Senior of the Bar Association and the Senior members of the Bench and various other legal luminaries offer their services to us for academic purposes. Interactive mode of teaching adopted here and a skill of reading research analysis and writing area developed through project assignment. The process of conducting seminar on emerging trends, remedial classes, group and individual tutorials, discussions are other modes of offering scientific methodology of teaching.

Here it is pertinent to mention that our classes start from 9:0 A. M. and continue up to 2:0 0P.M. thereafter, remedial teaching is provided to the students. Individual and group tutorial facilities are available to students and which if required may continue up to 6:00P.M. To bring out hidden talents of the students and to train them in regard to court proceedings for enriching the practical knowledge, the college will accordingly conduct moot institute.

The aim of this institute is to built a vocational training, Automobile courses, paramedical institute Electrical Electricians in future to give a real shape to the classes which will help the students to get adequately acclimatized to the environment in which the students would learn study contrast circumstances. The students will be able to prepare themselves thoroughly before presenting any matter related with a Techno, Technical/Paramedical course environment. The emphasis is also given on co-curricular and extra-curricular activies.

Our Message

Knowledge is the power which enables us to make better decisions, helps to feel confident, energetic and improve our lives. But the above statement can only be true in our life when we see more people stand around us unconditionally. Education is the only measure which can help a person to harvest knowledge and get established in the society securing a respected position. We have seen very few numbers of students who came from village/rural area conquered the challenges to become successful corporate leader. The only reason for this low number is that our students are mainly focused to score good marks but they do not know how to sell thought to others. Consequently they fail to convince others due to lack of much required soft skills in professional life. It is not necessary that all students should aim to be engineer or doctor. There are plenty of opportunities lying in the system but those remain unexplored to students due to lack of proper guidance.
Parents are always concerned about mark sheet and think that scoring above 80% marks can change their child’s life. But in reality this is untrue. Even students scoring 90% marks often find difficulties to get into colleges for higher education. In fact yet after completing engineering or medical courses they cannot obtain suitable employment as per choice. The main problem to this issue is that the competition has increased tremendously as emplo9yers search for “X” factor in addition to high marks. The “X” factor implies that a person should have creativity, quick problem solving skill, innovative idea and ability for sell idea through proper soft skill. Research says that this “X” factor is missing mostly for the students who come from village/rural area. The evident reason to this problem is that we still follow colonial education system which geared towards generating so called ”Babus” and at most good quality clerks.
The solution to these issues need introduction of various technological tools in our education system which can not only enable students to learn subjects in shorter period but with full interest also. To imbibe innovations within students, institutes need to follow effective education system equipped with higher infrastructure, proficient faculty and better platform for student to share idea. On top of that the focus of institute should be to produce good human being to society. Teachers should be the real role model for students, not the film stars. The goal of institute should be creating entrepreneurs, innovators, doctors, engineers, artists, scientists and writers who can form the foundation of knowledge based nation rather than the low-quality service providing nation that we are fortunately turning into.
Though a student may come here “almost a Zero”, we assure, the student will return home finally “a hero”.
One more thing that is very important to highlight is the education for women. It need absolute improvement especially in rural area. In such cases, parents are more concerned on providing security to girl child while providing education to them to pursue their ambition. Consequently their dream hardly turns to reality as secured and quality institutes are much lower than required. This is high time to realize that higher numbers of such institutes are necessity for girl child’s to turn their dream to reality which in turn can make the parents proud.
Let us we (Aj Model English Medium Institute) and you (Parents) – work together to build our kid’s future successful and fulfill their dream in life .
Aj Model English Medium Institute

General Secretary’s Message

Our world is one magnificent place to be in. Surplus with elements that make living and sustenance of the mankind possible, it offers a long list of options before us to explore and express ourselves to the extent of our potential.
But then, the same exhaustive list of possibilities also engages people in the perennial fight to achieve and exploit. The ever-growing count of population, multiplied by their aspirations aided by the growing reach of the internet, helping people and means to connect faster – make the world a little harder for the person next to set out and do what he/she dreamt for Today, even if we have opportunities to explore and express ourselves, their’s bulging competition billowing to drown our desire. The might to competition-together with social and economic challenges- can demoralize an individual in his/her effort to scale the heights of his/her capabilities !
The only tool that can help an individual in such a scenario is education. Quality education is the only ‘rope’ that can pull an individual out of the quagmire of the competition and challenges to be faced ahead. Why should not we join hands with a promise to make quality education available for all and help everyone set out to achieve their dreams ? I am sure that together we will explore and enjoy the magnificence of our world a little bit more !


1. Upbringing in a mixed cultural and religious atmosphere to become a good citizen.
2. No wastage of precious time and money
3. 24 hours in an atmosphere of learning.
4. Safeguards against being spoilt.
5. Guidance of the highest quality.
6. Scope of study and consultation with other intelligent fellow students.
7. Exposure to the highest competitive environment.
8. Attainment of the supreme aim in life.
9. Fulfillment of all the dream in life.

Who are we and why are we here ?

We are a team of fifteen professionals hailing from different parts of West Bengal and Assam; presently working in different parts of the World. While almost all of us are enjoying good positions in leading corporate houses, it’s the burning desire to revolutionize the current system of education in West Bengal that motivated us to join hands and pursue the desire with dedication that it deserves. Our endeavor has put us in contacts with many professionals who, despite being excellent in their respective field of knowledge were unable to enjoy the success (that crowned their counterparts) due to lack of communication skills, confidence and smartness – the features that their successful counterparts exhibited. We also met several students who got good marks in Class XII, in their graduation levels; and got into MBBS, M.Sc., B. Tech by labouring hard – but due to lack of knowledge in the corresponding field of studies, faced with inundating challenges in going further ahead. Add to that, the experience we had while teaching Class XI students; majority of whom got good marks in Class X- yet, were very weak in their subjects specially in Maths (mother of Science). We almost had to spend four months on these students to help them acquire the knowledge they are expected to have at their levels.
We, the people of West Bengal, have come a long way since independence. The growth has been phenomenal. Sadly this growth remained limited to a particular sector. The youth, particularly educated youth, is still in darkness. The traditional education in mending such coins which are out of circulation from market. This leads educated unemployment that is dive to society. Education transforms the whole being, the whole society and ultimately the whole nation. So we are committed to bring the radical change in the present scenario.

What are our plans and objectives ? …TARGET MEDICAL/IIT/CIVIL SERVICE

In sight of the above issues, we have planned to start an educational Institutes that includes classes for V, VI and VII (Session January 2019) – that would run in the aid of the latest resources and devote time in nurturing pool of individuals who would have a concrete base on which their solid future can be built upon. In short, we have envisioned a result-driven, practical course of action. Classes for Class XI (Sac) will be started from April 2019 as usual.
We have choked out a plan like institutes of Kota, Rajastan; the epicenter of Competitive Exams in India where students starts preparing for Medical/IIT from Class VII. Thus we would begin our steps targeting three popular faculties viz., Medical. IIT, and Civil Services which also refer to the leading contributor to the Indian job market and will develop the students according to their knack and around the primary needs of these areas. We believe that if we nurture our students from the beginning according to their knack then it will be easy for us to lead our students to their objectives. Although, the medium of instruction will be Bengali (we are set to start our facilities in English medium from 2018 onwards separately, if Allah permits) but emphasis will be given to English communication, Personality Development etc. so that the students can speak in English and after education when they enter professional life- be efficient leaders of their respective organizations.

What do we expect to impart our students ?

Subject knowledge, proper guidance, inspiration, and motivation - at a stage of their lives when they begin to imbue the World around them all the while inculcating the right values.

Why are we sure of success in our endeavour ?

We are confident of our strategy ! But, it’s the men who implement the strategy lynchpin our faith in our abilities and the gallant march towards success. The members of our team represent diverse domains with a majority being successful academicians, software engineers and ones who hold managerial positions in Multinational IT Companies. Together as a team, our effort will revolve around objective analysis of students’ performance and an emphasis on identification of areas where an individual is found to be lacking.

What is our unique strength ?

Team work: Here, no one takes individual decision. We have an active online discussion board, which works as a hot bed of idea generation and an incubation center for the idea to germinate, flourish – before taking its final shape. Every decision is taken in the most democratic manner possible, passing and filtering though the online board.

What is our strategy and planning ?

We believe that education is a comprehensive affair and more than rendering knowledge and honing a certain skill, the success of an educational endeavor calls for making available the means and measures that render wholesomeness to a learning process.
With that belief, and a dream of ushering talents to the world of unbound possibilities, we have started a residential schools at the outskirts of Kolkata (Aj Model Institute) far from the madding crowd near the township of Howrah/Kolkata; presently we have XI & XII class (Science) comprising 135 students from various parts of West Bengal, and from January 2019 we are going to start class V, VI & VII with the limited number of students.
Our strategy comprises a formulaic yet flexible approach, team work, timely intervention in addition to collaboration with industry/subject matter experts. Catered in combination with an insight of what the future holds for a student, our endeavour manifests a multipronged approach that no only educates and motivates a student in the best possible manner, but also makes them future-ready !